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Using top tier hosts, sticking to active listener formats such as News – Talk – Sports and Events can keep your ROI High & your Stress Low! Let us show you what we can do


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Advertise on the Ian Freeman & Mark Edge | 888-449-2526

Advertise on the Ian Freeman & Mark Edge

Free Talk Live Radio Show

Ian Freeman & Mark Edge

Ian Freeman & Mark Edge Free Talk Live Radio Show advertising rates and all the information you need right here. You have found the right place!  Our team is proud to offer Talk Radio advertising options for advertisers! We work with all major shows and brands. Call for a free media plan and current rates and prices for radio and TV advertising in any local market or for national reach. So many people listen to Ian Freeman & Mark Edge Free Talk Live Radio Show, reach them now!

Run ads on the Ian Freeman & Mark Edge Free Talk Live Radio Show, in local markets. If you are looking for a celebrity endorsement, call right away to secure your endorsement spots, call us at 888-449-2526 to buy advertising space.

“Free Talk Live is radio the listener controls. Unlike traditional political talk shows on AM/FM or satellite radio, Free Talk Live is the next generation of issues-oriented talk. Just what is the meaning of freedom well to Mark and Ian this show is about Liberty with a capital-L. Free Talk Live features an open phones panel discussion with a variety of guest hosts joining Mark and Ian throughout the week, with each serving as a check on the others and add a diverse viewpoints to the table, whilst reaffirming a view based on rightful liberty. Free Talk Live airs from the epicenter of the liberty media, Keene, New Hampshire Monday through Friday on LibertyTalk.fm at 7pm to 10pm Eastern.”

Estimated national rates range from Monday – Friday (CALL OR CONTACT FOR RATES). Local ad placements are also available here. Remnant rates and spot rates are determined by individual radio stations and the best part is that we don’t charge clients for placing media. So let us make those local advertising deals on your behalf. Our team is expert at getting the best rates possible. Local market spot rates and remnant rates are available for some offers. Each market is negotiated directly for best results.

Radio ad messages are still producing awesome results! To make the most of radio advertising, it’s important to have a message that is engaging, informative, memorable, and makes an emotional connection. We can help you create a compelling radio ad! Keep in mind that radio ads are usually brief, so you must be concise and focused. 30 second ads spots are usually about 70 words, whereas 60 second spots are approximately 140-150 words. We can help you with script writing and editing to say what you want to say and still get your main points across and make an emotional connection. Steady growth equals more revenue in your pocket. Consistent and measurable results are what counts in any advertising campaign!

If you want to advertise on radio stations that air The Ian Freeman & Mark Edge Free Talk Live Radio Show – Call 888-449-2526 today!

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