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Salem Radio Network


Talk Host Line-up for Advertisers

Salem Radio Network has a strong line-up of on air talent who are cultural commentators and masters of current events and issues impacting today’s radio listeners. With an abundance of talent and a range of styles, SRN Talk delivers engaging, viable conversation and informative talk radio from hosts like Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, Mike Gallagher, Bill Bennett, Eric Metaxas, Charlie Kirk, Officer Tatum and Dr. Sebastian Gorka. Call 888-449-2526 to get rates, Remnant rates, Host endorsement deals and pricing for local and national advertising campaigns on all Salem Radio Network stations and shows.

Christian Teaching and Talk is our core, foundational format. Through this powerful format, listeners are able to hear Bible teaching and preaching from a wide variety of Christian preachers and teachers. Listeners develop, learn and grow in their faith as they gain answers to questions relating to daily life, from raising children to improving marriages.


Through our CCM format, called The FISH® in most markets, we are able to bring listeners the words of inspirational recording artists, set to upbeat contemporary music. Our music format is branded “Safe for the Whole Family®”, with sounds that everyone enjoys and lyrics that parents appreciate.


News talk programming is the second most popular radio format in the country, based both on listenership and number of radio stations. Research has shown that our News Talk format is highly complementary to our core format of Christian Teaching and Talk. As programmed by Salem Radio Network®, both formats express conservative views and family values. Our News Talk format also provides us with the opportunity to leverage syndicated talk programming produced by Salem Radio Network® (SRN). Our nationally syndicated programs are distributed through approximately 2700 affiliates.

America’s largest platform of owned and operated business talk stations providing continuous market updates and insightful investment knowledge and advice. The Wall Street Business Network stations track capitalism as it happens from Wall Street to Main Street.

Salem Espanol produces Hispanic Christian radio with excellence in markets across the country. Our goal is to reach the rapidly growing Hispanic community through quality Christian and family themed content

Salem Espanol produces Hispanic Christian radio with excellence in markets across the country. Our goal is to reach the rapidly growing Hispanic community through quality Christian and family themed content.


In addition to Christian teaching and talk, Christian music, and conservative news talk, Salem Radio Network also owns stations of other formats including country music, southern gospel, praise and worship and more.

Other Salem Radio Network® Talk Formats:

The Steve Deace Show

Jerry Stewart

The Cal Thomas Commentary

The Lou Dobbs Financial Reports

Salem Radio Network for long form infomercial and block time radio shows and advertising:

o Alexandria, VA
o AM 1260 The Answer
o WAVA 780 AM
o WAVA 105.1 FM
o Boston, MA
o AM1260 The Buzz
o WWDJ 1150 AM
o WROL 950 AM
o WEZE 590 AM
o Chicago, IL
o WIND 560 AM
o WYLL 1160 AM
o Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX
o KTNO 1440 AM
o KEXB 620 AM
o KLTY 94.9 FM
o KSKY 660 AM
o KWRD 100.7 FM
o Detroit, MI
o WDTK 1400 AM
o WLQV 1500 AM
o Fairfax, VA
o AM 1260 The Answer
o WAVA 780 AM
o WAVA 105.1 FM
o Houston, TX
o KTEK 1110 AM
o KNTH 1070 AM
o KKHT 100.7 FM
o Los Angeles, CA
o KRLA 870 AM
o KFSH 95.9 FM
o KKLA 99.5 FM
o New York, NY
o AM 970 The Answer
o AM 570 The Mission
o Philadelphia, PA
o WNTP 990 AM
o WFIL 560 AM
o San Francisco, CA
o 860 AM The Answer
o KDOW 1220 AM
o KFAX 1100 AM
o Washington, DC
o AM 1260 The Answer
o WAVA 780 AM
o WAVA 105.1 FM
• Markets 11-25
o Atlanta, GA
o WLTA 1400 AM
o WNIV 970 AM
o WAFS 1190 AM
o AM 920 The Answer
o WFSH 104.7 FM
o Cleveland, OH
o WHKW 1220 AM
o WHK 1420 AM
o WFHM 95.5 FM
o Denver, CO
o 1690 KDMT
o KBJD 1650 AM
o KNUS 710 AM
o KRKS 94.7 FM
o Miami, FL
o WKAT 1360 AM
o WZAB 880 AM
o WHIM 1080 AM
o Minneapolis, MN
o Wellness Radio 1570
o The Fish Twin Cities
o AM 1440 KYCR
o WWTC 1280 AM
o AM 980 The Mission
o Phoenix, AZ
o 1010AM KXXT
o 960 The Patriot
o Faith Talk 1360 KPXQ
o Pittsburgh, PA
o AM1250 The Answer
o WPIT 73 AM
o WORD, 101.5 FM
o Portland, OR
o Talk 1640
o KRYP-FM 93.1
o KPDQ-FM 93.9
o KPDQ-AM 800
o KFIS 104.1 FM
o Sacramento, CA
o AM 1380 The Answer
o KSAC-FM 105.5
o KKFS 103.9 FM
o KFIA 710 AM
o San Diego, CA
o AM 1170 The Answer
o KPRZ 1210 AM
o Sarasota, FL
o AM 930 The Answer
o Seattle, WA
o The Fish Seattle
o KNTS 1680 AM
o KKOL 1300 AM
o AM 1590 The Answer
o KGNW 820 AM
o St. Louis, MO
o 1260AM The Answer
o Tampa, FL
o 1380 The Biz
o WLCC 760 AM
o Faith Talk 570 and 910 WTBN
o AM 860 The Answer
• Markets 26+
o Baltimore, MD
o AM 1260 The Answer
o WAVA 780 AM
o WAVA 105.1 FM
o Colorado Springs, CO
o AM 1460 The Answer
o KGFT 100.7 FM
o KBIQ FM 102.7
o Columbus, OH
o 98.9 FM The Answer
o WRFD 880 AM
o Greenville, SC
o 103-3/95- Earth-FM WRTH
o 94.5 FM WGTK
o Honolulu, HI
o KHCM 97.5 FM
o KKOL 107.9 FM
o KGU 760 AM
o KHNR 690 AM
o KAIM 95.5 FM
o KGU 99.5 FM
o Little Rock, AR
o 965 FM The Answer
o 93.3 FM The Fish
o FaithTalk 99.5 FM KDIS
o Louisville, KY
o WFIA 94.7 FM / 900 AM
o 970 AM The Answer
o Metro Detroit, MI
o Nashville, TN
o The Word In Praise
o Singing News Radio
o Today’s Christian Music
o WBOZ 104.9 FM
o WFFI 93.7 FM / WFFH 94.1 FM
o Omaha, NE
o The Answer Omaha
o KCRO 660 AM
o 100.7 FM The Fish KGBI
o Orlando, FL
o La Nueva 990AM
o WBZW 1520 AM
o FM105.5 and AM660 THE ANSWER
o The NEW 950 WTLN
o Oxnard-Ventura, CA
o KDAR 98.3 FM
o Riverside-San Bernardino, CA
o KTIE 590 AM
o San Antonio, TX
o The Fish San Antonio
o KRDY 1160 AM
o 930 AM The Answer
o KSLR 630 AM
o SC