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We specialize is Direct Response advertising campaigns! Over the course of 25 years we have learned how to optimize campaigns for great success. If the offer is good – we can get you results!


Radio Advertising 4 Profit

Using top tier hosts, sticking to active listener formats such as News – Talk – Sports and Events can keep your ROI High & your Stress Low! Let us show you what we can do


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Most Social Media Advertising is a waste of money. The process for driving campaigns to a profitable result requires tirelessly testing and optimizing to a target – we do that!


Radio Remnant Ad Rates for the Top 50 Stations in the USA! | 888-449-2526

Remnant Advertising Rates

Remnant Advertising

Remnant advertising information right here! Advertise on the most listened to radio stations in America at remnant, wholesale and discounted rates.

What is remnant or cheap advertising?

As an agency, we partner with the top remnant media buyers to access inventory which is advertising space that has not been sold – but it is made available to us at a huge discount off of their normal rate cards. We have decades of relationships with media who contact us with special rates as the dates get close to airtime or printing. In turn we pass those savings on to you!

Why buy remnant inventory?

Buying remnant advertising allows you to test your message on TV, radio etc., with a smaller investment and reduced risk. If you are running a campaign already, discount rates and lower cost-per-spot helps reduce your overall costs per ROI. For Direct Response or performance campaigns, we can improve results for less money and with smaller budgets.

Why choose Ho Hum Media, Inc. for remnant media buys?

  • We are turn-key and can handle the entire process for you including writing your ad copy, producing your commercials, and supplying the call tracking phone numbers.
  • Remnant opportunities in radio, print (magazines and newspapers), out-of-home (OOH) including billboards, etc.
  • Media buying rate negotiation effectiveness (30 to 70+% off rate cards)
  • We are heavily customer service oriented
  • Direct Response is our primary concentration.
  • Our 24+ years of media buying experience

Remnant advertising is easy and it works! Call 888-449-2526 today!

Ask about remnant advertising and stand by inventory for national networks, local spot radio and TV, cable TV and mobile advertising also. Including newspapers, magazines and online editions of those media.

Radio advertising rates, prices and costs!

Learn how to buy advertising on the radio and TV  in the USA.

1 WABC-AM(New York) Talk Radio ABC Radio
2 MEDIAmazing (Internet-only) Listener Formatted MEDIAmazing
3 WPLJ-FM(New York) CHR/Top 40 ABC Radio
4 RadioMargaritaville(Internet-only) Classic Rock Radio Margaritaville
5 KSFO-AM(San Francisco) Talk Radio ABC Radio
6 KQRS-FM(Minneapolis) Classic Rock ABC Radio
7 WLS-AM(Chicago) News/Talk ABC Radio
8 KGO-AM(San Francisco) News/Talk ABC Radio
9 WBAP-AM(Dallas/Ft.Worth) News/Talk ABC Radio
10 KLOS-FM(Los Angeles) Classic Rock ABC Radio
11 WJZW-FM(Washington, DC) Jazz ABC Radio
12 WRQX-FM(Washington, DC) CHR/Top 40 ABC Radio
13 HardRadio(Internet-only) Album-oriented Rock Internet America
14 Star 98.7/KYSR-FM (Burbank CA) Adult Contemporary CyberAxis
15 The Beat LA/KKBT-FM(LosAngeles) Urban R&B CyberAxis
16 KABC-AM(Los Angeles) TalkRadio ABC Radio
17 3WK Undergroundradio (Internet-only) Alternative Rock 3WK
18 Black Gospel Network (Internet-only) Gospel Oneplace
19 WMAL-AM(Washington DC) News/Talk ABC Radio
20 KXXR-FM(Minneapolis) Rock ABC Radio
21 KBLX-FM(San Francisco) Adult Contemporary GlobalMedia.com
22 WBLS-FM(New York) Urban R&B GlobalMedia.com
23 WPOW-FM(Miami) CHR/Top 40 GlobalMedia.com
24 Mega 92.3/KCMG-FM (Los Angeles) Oldies CyberAxis
25 BluesBoyMusic.com(Internet-only) Blues The Broadcast Web.com
26 CKZZ-FM(Vancouver, BC) CHR/Top 40 GlobalMedia.com
27 WXCD Live(Chicago) Classic Rock ABC Radio
28 KZNZ-FM(Minnesota) Alternative Rock ABC Radio
29 Christian Pirate Radio (Internet-only) Contemporary Christian Christian Pirate Radio
30 KSCS-FM(Dallas/Ft. Worth) Country ABC Radio
31 Onda Cero (Internet-only) Spanish Morfeo
32 CKFM-FM(Toronto, Canada) CHR/Top 40 GlobalMedia.com/Standard Radio
33 CJAY-FM(Calgary, Canada) Rock GlobalMedia.com/Standard Radio
34 WSTR-FM(Atlanta) CHR/Top 40 GlobalMedia.com/Jefferson Pilot
35 KIEV-AM(Los Angeles) TalkRadio Oneplace/Salem/Communications
36 WMVP-Live(Chicago) Sports/Talk ABC Radio
37 WPLT-FM(Detroit) Alternative Rock ABC Radio
38 KFI-FM(Los Angeles) News/Talk CyberAxis/Clear Channel
39 CKQB-FM(Ottawa, Canada) Rock GlobalMedia.com/Standard Radio
40 WDRQ-FM(Detroit) CHR/Top 40 ABC Radio
41 CFBR-FM(Edmonton, Alberta) Rock GlobalMedia.com/Standard Radio
42 KMEO-FM(Dallas/Ft.Worth) Oldies ABC Radio
43 WKHX-FM(Atlanta) Country ABC Radio
44 WJR-AM(Detroit) News/Talk ABC Radio
45 3WK Classic Undergroundradio (Internet-only) Classic Rock 3WK
46 WYAY-FM(Atlanta) Country ABC Radio
47 CJFM-FM(Montreal, QC) CHR/Top 40 GlobalMedia.com
48 PLR-Live 1 (Wall Walla, WA) Contemporary Christian Positive Life Radio/Walla Walla College
49 jazzmanmusic.com(Internet-only) Jazz The Broadcast Web.com
50 Urban Soul (Internet-only) R&B/Soul GlobalMedia.com