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Advertise on Johnson, Bottalico, Scordo Sports Talk | 888-449-2526

Advertise on The Best Show Ever?

with Tyrone Johnson, Ricky Bottalico and Jenn Scordo

Tyrone Johnson

Tyrone Johnson, Ricky Bottalico, and Jenn Scordo on The Best Show Ever? on WPEN-FM-97.5 The Fanatic, in Philadelphia. Advertising rates and media kits here. Call 888-449-2526.

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On Wednesday, July 27th (2022) at 4pm 97.5 the Fanatic introduced “The Best Show Ever?” which listeners will hear from 2pm-6pm. Starting August 1st, 2022,  Tyrone Johnson (who has filled in after Mike Missanelli’s departure in May) will be joined by Hunter Brody, Ricky Bottalico, and Jenn Scordo. Jenn will continue to do updates as well as taking over the producing role.

“Many years of experience on the air, on the field and in the stands all come together to create this unique sounding ensemble show,” Program Director Chuck D’Amico said. “Featuring host Tyrone Johnson – a 20 year broadcasting professional, Ricky Bottalico – a former 11 year Major League Baseball relief pitcher, Hunter Brody – a new age, digital sports-media influencer and Jennifer Scordo – a seasoned major market radio pro and air talent. This eclectic and diverse group of passionate, knowledgeable, and fun Philadelphia Sports experts bring you a show that truly offers something for every fan.”

Tyrone has been holding down the fort and will continue to do so with this new core. Listeners have gotten to know Ricky Bottalico from his appearances on the John Kincade Show every Thursday for the 9am hour. Something he will continue to do! Jenn joined the Mike Missanelli show in a full time role a year ago and is a perfect fit. She will move into a new role as producer but will still be an important on-air personality. Hunter Brody is new to the group but since joining 97.5 The Fanatic, he teamed up with Tyrone on the weekends and now the two have formed a great rapport. The show will air 5 days a week.

“Johnson and Brody have both been rising stars in the Philly media landscape for a good while now. Bottalico, the former Phillies reliever, will continue doing pre and postgame coverage for the team over at NBCSP, but now all the city’s teams are going to catch heat from him at the Fanatic.”

If you are looking for a celebrity endorsement from Tyrone Johnson, Hunter Brody, Ricky Bottalico, and Jenn Scordo on WPEN-FM-97.5 The Fanatic Sports Talk radio in Philadelphia, call right away to secure your endorsement spots.

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