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TV Advertising

TV Advertising in the United States has many more options than any time in the history of TV Advertising. With Broadcast TV, Cable TV, Satellite TV, Streaming TV and now Over The Top (OTT) TV options, it can be very difficult to decide how and when to use a specific platform for your TV advertising needs. That’s where Ho Hum Productions can help. With instant access to the rates for every TV station, Cable and Satellite station in North America, and all over the top streaming platforms, Ho Hum Productions can help you plan, launch and track your national, regional or local TV advertising media plans. “One station or the nation!”

If You Are Interested in TV Advertising, Consider This Data:

Total TV Households in the USA: 120.2+ million
Total Cable Subscriber TV Households in the USA: 60+ million
Total Satellite Subscriber TV Households in the USA: 30+ million
HD (High Definition) or SD (Standard Definition) Households with antenna systems on their roof in the USA: 20+ million
Over The Top TV (OTT) estimated at: 75% (The vast majority of US homes estimated at 85%+ have some form of both paid TV and OTT.)
Total TV Stations in the USA as of 2021: 1800+
Major Broadcast TV Networks: 5
National Cable/Satellite Networks: 250+

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Tips for Buying Radio Time

Foreground formats – First, choose formats with engaged, actively listening audiences – like play-by-play sports, talk and news stations. Spoken word generally delivers better results than music stations (which often just become background noise).

Lifestyle – This is common sense, but choose a radio format that matches the lifestyle of your target audience. For instance, a news talk station might not be the best way to reach a young female target audience.

Ratings – If there are Nielsen ratings in your market, start by looking at the highest-rated stations you can afford (assuming they suit your target audience). Then choose the one with the lowest cost per point (CPP) – that’s the rate divided by the rating. Sometimes a lower-rated station turns out to be the most efficient.

Non-rated markets – If ratings aren’t available, survey your target demographic to find out what stations they prefer. Ask customers or friends and family, or conduct an in-store survey. Get creative – for instance, if you’re in the automotive industry, ask your service personnel to see what radio stations customers have set in their cars.

Frequency – Buy a lot of commercials. Run enough for the average listener to hear your commercial three times (or more). If you can’t afford a high frequency for the entire week, concentrate on one day or one part of a day.

Be flexible – Ask stations for the best value they can give you. They may offer different pricing for certain weeks or even certain days. Do you need to run 60-second commercials or will 30-, 15- or even 10-second commercials accomplish the same goals? Work with them; they’ll usually work with you. Your flexibility can mean substantial savings.

Ask about “remnants” – This is simply unsold ad time inventory. Often, but not always, remnant ads run in off hours, but there are still people listening to radio at all hours of the day!

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