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Cheap radio advertising in Hawaii

cheap radio advertisingHow to buy advertising on the radio in Hawaii? You call 888-449-2526 now or fill out the information in the box on the right. One of our media planners for Hawaii will contact you quickly to help you plan and price out your radio advertising campaign for any city or radio station in Hawaii. Call 888-449-2526 now! Most of the radio stations below allow remnant advertising rates and great spot rates for direct response, branding campaigns, including small business advertising. Our Hawaii and other local and national advertising, media planning and media buying services are 100% free in most cases. Call 888-449-2526 for details and information. Cheapest, most affordable, low cost and wholesale priced radio advertising in the USA.

Here is a list of radio stations for advertising in Hawaii, to get rates and costs call 888-449-2526 or fill out the form and we will contact you quickly, often same day service:

KAGB99.1 FMWaimeaHawai’iPacific Radio Group, Inc.Adult contemporary
KAHU91.7 FMPahalaHawai’iHawaii Public Radio
KAIM-FM95.5 FMHonoluluOahuSalem Media of Hawaii, Inc.Contemporary Christian
KAKU-LP88.5 FMKahuluiMauiMaui County Community Television, Inc.
KANO91.1 FMHiloHawai’iHawaii Public Radio, Inc.Classical
KAOI1110 AMKiheiMauiVisionary Related Entertainment, LLCNews Talk Information
KAOI-FM95.1 FMWailukuMauiVisionary Related Entertainment, LLCLight adult contemporary
KAOY101.5 FMKealakekuaHawai’iNew West Broadcasting Corp.Adult contemporary
KAPA100.3 FMHiloHawai’iPacific Radio Group, Inc.Hawaii adult contemporary
KAQA91.9 FMKilaueaHawai’iKekahu Foundation, Inc.Variety
KBGX105.3 FMKeaauHawai’iMahalo Multimedia, LLCOldies/Classic rock
KCCN-FM100.3 FMHonoluluOahuSM-KCCN, LLCIsland contemporary hit radio
KCIF90.3 FMHiloHawai’iHilo Christian Broadcasting Corp.Contemporary Christian/Religious
KCIK740 AMKiheiMauiIHR Educational Broadcasting
KCSK-LP102.3 FMHanamauluKauaiKauai Christian Assembly
KDDB102.7 FMWaipahuOahuOhana Broadcast Company LLCRhythmic contemporary hit radio
KDLX94.3 FMMakawaoMauiVisionary Related Entertainment, LLCTop 40/CHR
KDNN98.5 FMHonoluluOahuCapstar TX LLCIsland contemporary hit radio
KEWE1240 AMKahuluiMauiVisionary Related Entertainment 11, Inc.
KFMN96.9 FMLihueKaua’iFM 97 AssociatesAdult contemporary
KGU760 AMHonoluluOahuSalem Media of Hawaii, Inc.Religious
KGU-FM99.5 FMHonoluluOahuSalem Media of Hawaii, Inc.Adult standards/MOR
KHBC92.7 FMHiloHawai’iResonate Hawaii, LLCAdult Top 40
KHCM880 AMHonoluluOahuSalem Media of Hawaii, Inc.Country
KHCM-FM97.5 FMHonoluluOahuSalem Media of Hawaii, Inc.Country
KHEI-FM107.5 FMKiheiMauiVisionary Related Entertainment, Inc.Classic hits
KHJC88.9 FMLihueKaua’iCalvary Chapel of Twin Falls, Inc.Contemporary Christian
KHJZ93.9 FMHonoluluOahuCapstar TX LLCRhythmic adult contemporary
KHKA1500 AMHonoluluOahuBlow Up, LLCAll Sports
KHLO850 AMHiloHawai’iPacific Radio Group, Inc.All Sports
KHNR690 AMHonoluluOahuSalem Media of Hawaii, Inc.News Talk Information
KHPH88.7 FMKailuaOahuHawaii Public Radio, Inc.
KHPR88.1 FMHonoluluOahuHawaii Public Radio, Inc.Classical
KHRA1460 AMHonoluluOahuRK Media GroupKorean
KHVH830 AMHonoluluOahuCapstar TX LLCNews Talk Information
KHWI92.1 FMHolualoaHawai’iResonate Hawaii, LLCAdult Top 40
KIHL-LP103.7 FMHiloHawai’iCalvary Chapel Hilo
KIKI990 AMHonoluluOahuCapstar TX LLCSports
KINE-FM105.1 FMHonoluluOahuSM-KINE, LLCTraditional Hawaiian
KIOM-LP98.9 FMKaunakakaiMoloka’iKROS Radio Association
KIPA1060 AMHiloHawai’iResonate Hawaii, LLCHawai’ian
KIPH88.3 FMHanaMauiHawaii Public Radio, Inc.
KIPL89.9 FMLihueKaua’iCross Roads Christian Fellowship
KIPM89.7 FMWaikapuMauiHawaii Public Radio, Inc.
KIPO89.3 FMHonoluluOahuHawaii Public Radio, Inc.News Talk Information
KITH98.9 FMKapaaKaua’iHochman Hawaii Two, Inc.Hawai’ian
KJKS99.9 FMKahuluiMauiPacific Radio Group, Inc.Hot adult contemporary
KJMD98.3 FMPukalaniMauiPacific Radio Group, Inc.Rhythmic contemporary hit radio
KJMQ98.1 FMLihueKaua’iHochman Hawaii Four, Inc.Rhythmic contemporary hit radio
KKBG97.9 FMHiloHawai’iPacific Radio Group, Inc.Hot adult contemporary
KKCR90.9 FMHanaleiKaua’iKekahu Foundation, Inc.Variety
KKEA1420 AMHonoluluOahuBlow Up, LLCAll Sports
KKHI95.9 FMKaunakakaiMoloka’iKona Coast Radio, LLCAdult contemporary
KKNE940 AMWaipahuOahuSM-KKNE, LLCAdult standards/MOR
KKOA107.7 FMVolcanoHawai’iMahalo Multimedia, LLCHawai’ian Country
KKOL-FM107.9 FMAieaOahuSalem Media of Hawaii, Inc.Classic Hits
KKON790 AMKealakekuaHawai’iPacific Radio Group, Inc.Sports
KKUA90.7 FMWailukuMauiHawaii Public Radio, Inc.Classical
KLEO106.1 FMKahaluuOahuPacific Radio Group, Inc.Hot adult contemporary
KLHI-FM92.5 FMKahuluiMauiPacific Radio Group, Inc.
KLHT1040 AMHonoluluOahuCalvary Chapel of Honolulu, Inc.Religious
KLHT-FM91.5 FMHonoluluOahuCalvary Chapel of Honolulu, Inc.
KLUA93.9 FMKailua KonaHawai’iPacific Radio Group, Inc.Rhythmic contemporary hit radio
KLUU103.5 FMWahiawaOahuEducational Media FoundationContemporary Christian
KMKV102.9 FMPaiaMauiEducational Media FoundationCountry
KMNO91.7 FMWailukuMauiMaui Media Initiative, Inc.
KMVI900 AMKahuluiMauiPacific Radio Group, Inc.Sports
KMWB93.1 FMCaptain CookHawai’iNew West Broadcasting Corp.Classic hits
KNAN106.7 FMNanakuliOahuBig D Consulting, Inc.
KNDI1270 AMHonoluluOahuGeronimo Broadcasting, LLCHawai’ian Religious
KNKR-LP96.1 FMHawiNorth Kohala Community Resource Center
KNUI550 AMWailukuMauiPacific Radio Group, Inc.News Talk Information
KNUQ103.9 FMPaauiloHawai’iVisionary Related Entertainment, LLCWorld Ethnic
KNWB97.1 FMHiloHawai’iNew West Broadcasting Corp.Classic hits
KONI104.7 FMLanai CityLana’iHochman Hawaii Publishing, Inc.Oldies
KOPO-LP88.9 FMPaiaMauiPaia Youth Council Inc.
KORL-FM101.1 FMWaianaeOahuHochman Hawaii Three, Inc.Oldies
KPHI1130 AMHonoluluOahuHochman-McCann Hawaii, Inc.
KPHW104.3 FMKaneoheOahuSM-KPHW, LLCRhythmic contemporary hit radio
KPMW105.5 FMHaliimaileMauiRey-Cel Broadcasting, Inc.Rhythmic contemporary hit radio/Ethnic
KPOA93.5 FMLahainaMauiPacific Radio Group, Inc.Hawaiian adult contemporary
KPOI-FM105.9 FMHonoluluOahuOhana Broadcast Company LLCAlternative rock
KPRP650 AMHonoluluOahuSM-KRTR-AM, LLCSoft adult contemporary
KPUA670 AMHiloHawai’iNew West Broadcasting Corp.News Talk Information
KPVS95.9 FMHiloHawai’iPacific Radio Group, Inc.Rhythmic contemporary hit radio
KQMQ-FM93.1 FMHonoluluOahuOhana Broadcast Company LLCHawaiian Music
KQMY100.7 FMKiheiMauiFuture Modulation Broadcasting, LLC
KQNG-FM93.5 FMLihueKaua’iOhana Broadcast Company LLCPop contemporary hit radio
KREA1540 AMHonoluluOahuJMK Communications, Inc.Ethnic/Korean
KRKH97.3 FMWailea-MakenaHawai’iHochman Hawaii Publishing, Inc.Active rock
KRKW-LP107.3 FMWaimeaHawai’iWaimea Baptist Church
KRTR-FM96.3 FMKailuaOahuSM-KRTR-FM, LLCAdult contemporary
KRYL106.5 FMHaikuMauiHochman Hawaii Five, Inc.Country
KSHK103.1 FMHanamauluKaua’iOhana Broadcast Company LLCClassic rock
KSRF95.9 FMPoipuKaua’iOhana Broadcast Company LLCLocal Hawaiian & Reggae
KSSK590 AMHonoluluOahuCapstar TX LLCAdult contemporary
KSSK-FM92.3 FMWaipahuOahuCapstar TX LLCAdult contemporary
KTBH-FM102.7 FMKurtistownHawai’iResonate Hawaii, LLCAlternative rock
KTOH99.9 FMKalaheoKaua’iHochman Hawaii One, Inc.Oldies/Classic rock
KTUH90.1 FMHonoluluOahuThe University of HawaiiAlternative
KUAI570 AMEleeleKaua’iOhana Broadcast Company LLCNews Talk Information
KUAU1570 AMHaikuMauiFirst Assembly King’s Cathedral and ChapelsConservative Talk
KUCD101.9 FMPearl CityOahuCapstar TX LLCAlternative
KUHH-LP101.1 FMHiloHawai’iUniversity of Hawaii at Hilo
KUKE-LP101.3 FMKulaCalvary Chapel Upcountry
KUMU-FM94.7 FMHonoluluOahuOhana Broadcast Company LLCAdult contemporary
KUPA1370 AMPearl CityOahuBeach Time Broadcast, LLCChinese
KWAI1080 AMHonoluluOahuRadio Hawaii, Inc.News/Talk
KWXX-FM94.7 FMHiloHawai’iNew West Broadcasting CorporationAdult contemporary
KWYI106.9 FMKawaihaeHawai’iResonate Hawaii LLCHot AC/Oldies
KXRG-LP95.9 FMHonoluluOahuOhana Broadcasters CorporationElectronic Dance Music
KZOO1210 AMHonoluluOahuPolynesian Broadcasting, Inc.Ethnic/Japanese
KZZV94.3 FMHanapepeKauaiVirtues Communications Network LLCReligious


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