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We specialize is Direct Response advertising campaigns! Over the course of 25 years we have learned how to optimize campaigns for great success. If the offer is good – we can get you results!


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Using top tier hosts, sticking to active listener formats such as News – Talk – Sports and Events can keep your ROI High & your Stress Low! Let us show you what we can do


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Most Social Media Advertising is a waste of money. The process for driving campaigns to a profitable result requires tirelessly testing and optimizing to a target – we do that!


Talk Radio Advertising Rates Statewide on Massachusetts radio stations 888-449-2526

Massachusetts Radio advertising rates and prices are important when advertising your business, event, political campaign, issues campaign or your product, service and storefront across the entire State of Massachusetts.

Talk Radio advertising works well in Massachusetts and we offer a one stop radio advertising option that allows you to make a single media buy in Massachusetts to advertise on all of these talk radio stations for one low spot rate! (See list below) That’s right! One spot means one radio commercial on every affiliated news talk station in most every DMA in Massachusetts. We place a media buy on all of these stations for one low spot rate and that helps us keep your advertising costs low – remnant rates are also available for some markets. To access this amazing radio advertising Media, buy in Massachusetts call now! 888-449-2526 or contact us through the portals offered on this page. Thanks! We have the best radio advertising rates in all of Massachusetts.

Advertise across the entire state of Massachusetts on all major news and news talk radio stations for one low spot rate and the best political rates for candidates and issues advertising. Advertise in morning drive time, afternoon drive time and get live reads, voiced reads talent and host endorsement also. Plus – your ads in Massachusetts will be heard on all of the big syndicated radio host shows such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dave Ramsey. Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Delilah, Kim Kommando, and many more across the state of Massachusetts. Also, we offer online streaming radio in Massachusetts – just ask!

Advertise on these Talk, news talk, Christian and spoken word Massachusetts radio stations now! Get all of these stations at one time for one low rate! (Lists and rates subject to change without notice).


WABC-AMNew YorkNew York770Talk
WTPL-FMHillsboro/ManchesterBoston (Manchester)107.7News/Talk
WCCM-AMSalem/BostonBoston (Manchester)1110News/Talk
WMEX-AMBostonBoston (Manchester)1510Talk
WTSN-AMDoverBoston (Manchester)1270Talk
WKOX-AMEverett/BostonBoston (Manchester)1430Talk
WPKZ-AMFitchburg/LeominsterBoston (Manchester)1280Talk
WGAW-AMGardnerBoston (Manchester)1340News/Talk
WKBK-AMKeeneBoston (Manchester)1290Talk
WGIR-AMManchesterBoston (Manchester)610Talk
WSMN-AMNashuaBoston (Manchester)1590Talk
WQSO-FMRochester/PortsmouthBoston (Manchester)96.7News/Talk
WXTK-FMWest YarmouthBoston (Manchester)95.1News/Talk
WCRN-AMWorcesterBoston (Manchester)830Talk
WTAG-AMWorcesterBoston (Manchester)580Talk
WDRC-AMHartfordHartford & New Haven1360Talk
WDRC-F3HartfordHartford & New Haven102.9Talk
WPOP-AMHartfordHartford & New Haven1410News/Talk
WTIC-AMHartfordHartford & New Haven1080News/Talk
WMRD-AMMiddletownHartford & New Haven1150Talk
WELI-AMNew HavenHartford & New Haven960Talk
WSNG-AMTorringtonHartford & New Haven610Talk
WBSM-AMNew BedfordProvidence-New Bedford1420News/Talk
WADK-AMNewportProvidence-New Bedford1540News/Talk
WHJJ-AMProvidenceProvidence-New Bedford920Talk
WPRV-AMPRovidenceProvidence-New Bedford790Talk
WNRI-AMWoonsocketProvidence-New Bedford1380Talk
WGIN-AMBiddefordPortland-Auburn, ME1400News/Talk
WGAN-AMPortlandPortland-Auburn, ME560News/Talk
WZAN-AMPortlandPortland-Auburn, ME970Talk
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